The Troy & Greenfield Rail Road

Even though the T&G was shorter and easier than the Western Railroad which ran from Springfield to Albany it was still windy and contained some less than easy grades.
Originally in Greenfield the railroad turned over the Green river near where the old main Greenfield Tap and Die factory was (in between downtown Greenfield and the Cheapside bridges.) The railroad took a hard turn here and crossed over a high bridge. It proceeded dead center through the intersection of present day Petty Plain Rd & Meridian St, and went off SW from there to where the Greenfield landfill is. It crossed present day I-91 and merged with the present mainline. You can see the old Rail grade in this area all the way from the intersection to the landfill. After that its gone. The bridge is completely gone, not even the footings remain. This bridge was actually designed and built by Hermann Haupt, but it collapsed before it could be opened! A new bridge was promptly built and managed to stand! Towards 1880 the railroad was relocated. The Line was made to go up to downtown at what is now the Greenfield energy park. It turns west here and goes over the high trestle near 2A and Dunkin' Donuts. From here the line continued on for the most part on its present path.
Map showing the Old route of the T&G in Greenfield. Blue indicates present course. Red indicates old path. Dashed red indicates my "best guess" on the old path. Greenfield station was up near the bend on the blue line closest to the top of the image.
This page could easily grow to be its own massive webpage (and perhaps it will someday) but right now I am limiting it to what I have readily at my fingertips. All of the postcards seen here are from between the Hoosac Tunnel and Greenfield.


These images are ordered from furthest from Hoosac Tunnel to closest. All of them are from between Greenfield and the Hoosac Tunnel, except for the last which is in North Adams.
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