This page is devoted to showing the housing for the miners, and where they were once located.


Ultimately this page will have maps, and contemporary images. But for now you'll have to live with the historical!



East Village

Here is a really great picture. This is the base image for a stereograph. The stereograph however cuts off the left most buildings. The worker housing is on the hillside.

Worker housing is strewn upon the hillside here. Notice the row of houses on the right side.

Another later view of the worker housing north of East Portal. Sorry its a bit dim, but the postcard I scanned it from wasn't in the best shape!

A later picture. Notice that several of the houses in the nice straight row have been torn down.

Another view of the village north of the portal.

A view probably from the rail bed of the Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington RR. Most of the buildings in the village are gone at this point. The bridge also looks like the contemporary bridge. It looks like you can see the rail grade of the HT&W at the left-center. This picture is a bit blurry, but you can still see things decently in the zoomed version.

A view of the village south of the East Portal. I believe some of these building are still there. Some may have not been involved with the tunnel construction.

One of the East Portal village hotels. This one pictured here is on the Florida side.

Hotel, Hoosac station, and I don't know what the closer building is.


Central Shaft Village


No pictures yet. Stay tuned!


West Village


I had to fiddle around with the brightness settings on this image, so it may look a bit odd. You can see a few buildings up on the hill. I am not sure if these were workers houses or not. The building to the right is the brick kiln. This picture is taken looking at the West Portal.

View of the Nitroglycerin Factory. You can see a row of houses in the background. These are located just off of West Shaft Rd.

The same houses as above but a closer view.

I am not entirely sure where these houses were actually located. I think the road in the picture is the 4 wheeler trail near West Portal. Further investigation is required.



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Trespassing is illegal and dangerous especially when inside the tunnel with a train! If you go inside and see a light run and hide! that is unless of course its the portal, then you don't have to run nor hide. Trains burn diesel fuel and produce among other things carbon monoxide and deafening amounts of noise! Trains also have people in them and people have eyes used for seeing things.. Like trespassers! Just be careful use your head and stay safe.