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The purpose of this page is to give a nearly seamless tour of the old HT&W rail bed as seen today. I have explored a sort of new method in photo archiving. As I walk the grade I take pictures down the line, when I get as far as I could see I take another, and another, and another. Some places I do leave gaps, but only when it is really boring. Sometimes I even add the pictures when it IS boring! People may be interested to know that the catamount ski trail follows this railbed from the VT line to Mountain Mills (and points beyond, but that is out of scope for this project).

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I am planning to be done with this site in August of 2006. If you have any questions please e-mail me. My e-mail is on the Hoosac Tunnel website (linked below). Do not expect good navigation until the site is done. Until then, the BACK button on your browser should be useful.

I have most sections photographed at this point. I just have been too busy/distracted to put them up.

[Missing (but for the most part photographed)] Wilmington Center to Mountain Mills
Mountain Mills Trestle
Mountain Mills to Harriman Dam : Pictures oriented from North to South.
Harriman Dam to Readsboro VT Center: Pictures oriented from North to South.
Readsboro VT Center - Harriman Station Hydroelectric: Pictures oriented from North to South.
Harriman Station - Yankee Atomic: Pictures oriented from North to South.
[Missing (NOT photographed)] Yankee Atomic to Monroe Bridge
Monroe Bridge - Bear Swamp: Pictures oriented from North to South.
Hoosac Tunnel - Bear Swamp: Pictures oriented from South to North.


Also check out if you are interested.



Also, I happened to come across a very profound map of the Deerfield River RR extension past Wilmington VT. The RR stretched into somerset and had many branches leading off to lumberyards. Branches led as far as into Glastenbury vt, Stratton Vt, Dover Vt, and Searbsburg Vt. Yes this railroad did exist, it was not "just planned". See it here

Also, for your consideration, I have made a map of the old "Z" switchback which was used to bring the rails over the Harriman dam. each switchback included a long straightaway so the train could set back into that section while the switch at the switchback was changed. I believe trains went in reverse through the middle section of the "Z". I also have some wintery pictures of the Z turn along with lines drawn for emphasis here.

Another slew of information for your consideration: A PDF article on the Somerset Logging, DRRR, and Mountain Mills here . This topic may warrant another research project (time vacuum). We shall see.

2006 Zwei Tausend Sechs, Marc Howes