All pictures are taken facing southward unless otherwise noted. Ordered from northern most to southern most.

I accessed the old grade from on top of the mountain. I hiked down along a streambed. I did not think that I could access the old grade from the Harriman station side. How wrong I was! Turns out there is a public ski trail on the old grade. You can access the trail from near Harriman Station. I did not find any parking, but that can be improvised easily.


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The Catamount X-C trail symbol. This trail apparently goes through the entire state of Vermont.

Looking north behind Harriman station. The trail seen before you is the old grade.

Ventilation tower behind Harriman Station. Water is piped from the reservoir several miles upstream to this tower and then to the turbines in the station.

Harriman Station.

More Harriman station. This power plant is by the way 15 MW.

Looking at the mangled rail grade behind Harriman Station.

An exciting find! Old ties and yes, even rail. This doesn't appear to be in line with the grade however, perhaps it is an old siding? I suspect the rail grade was modified a lot behind here.

The old bit of rail.

Old grade. To the left is a new road which leads to a gravel pit. This road appears to be built up on parts of the old grade.

I am standing on the new road looking down at the old grade. Notice the old pipe. The new road has a newer bigger pipe.

The new road.

Entering the gravel pit. This pit destroyed any bit of rail grade that once may have passed through.

Leaving the gravel pit.

Looking north back at the ventilation tower and the gravel pit.

Heading southward.

Another view looking back at the ventilation tower.

This is where things got very very odd. The retaining wall in the center was part of an old house foundation. Apparently an old road used to lead down here (the road continued from and went around Harriman Station). After this house I found a whole slew of old factory foundations! I moved my factory exploration to another page for clarity. This area is right next to the stream I followed to get to the rail grade. As you can imagine I was quite shocked to find all these factory foundations in the woods, especially since I came upon them before I came upon the rail grade. I am still not sure what these factories were for or when they closed, but I'll wager they were part of the Deerfield paper company!

Continuing by the 8 or so old factory foundations.

At the southern portion of the factory zone.       

South of the factories, The grade really hugs the side of the reservoir here.

Snaking away!

A look across the reservoir at the ventilation tower.

The grade is beginning to elevate above the reservoir here.

More elevation

Approaching a turn

Heading into a straight away, also venturing further from the reservoir.

Entering an area with a debris field to the left.

Old ties and... An I beam???

Old bits of rail left twisted in a pile.

A view from the debris field at the bend.

Southbound into a straightaway.


Standard HT&W pipe. Notice how high we are above the water now.

Almost in Massachusetts.

Almost there.

State border looking into Massachusetts   

Looking into VT. notice the metal pole and wooden sign.

Getting ever closer to the old Nuclear Power Plant.

The condition of the trail begins to degrade, but it looks nice.

Somewhat more modern blasting. Notice the drilling. There is quite a lot of this between Yankee Atomic, and the state border.

Lots of Christmassy colors

The old site of Yankee is coming into view.

More rock blasts begin to emerge.



More cuts.

Wee drilling some more!

Slowly getting there.

Yes, slowly.

Trail dying... Must go on...

Jersey barrier. I have no idea why this is here as I am still about 1/6 Mile from Yankee.


View of part of the dam.

You can see the decommissioning site from here.

Further trail degradation.

View of the former Atomic Powerplant.

Yankee security guard shooting range!

This is as far south as I dared go. This is right next to the shooting range.


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