Pictures from my journey to the HT&W grade.


I hiked down the mountain from Merrifield Rd in Whitingham VT. As I got to the Power lines (indicating I was getting near the river) I began seeing some odd things. Here are my pictures.




Power lines, nothing particular special about these.

Some old abandoned poles dot the landscape at the west side of the tree cut.

An, my first interesting find of the day. Two cables going across the brook. These cables are used for crossing. You stand on one cable and hold on to the other. They are spaced about 5 or 6 feet apart.

A few hundred feet downstream from the cables are where things got VERY odd. I noticed a straight area on the brook. I quickly discovered this was concrete. What I had found was a man made waterfall. What could it possibly be doing out here in the middle of nowhere?

The waterfall.

Another view.

After a while, about 1/4 mile later I find this odd unnatural arrangement of stones.

Then immediately after the stone I find something a thousand times more bizarre. A concrete structure with pillars and rebar dangling above head. I didn't know how close to the rail grade or the reservoir I was.

Another view.

I noticed the rail grade and reservoir and continued along. On my way I found these very strange holes.

There is a little room or space under these holes. I have no clue what their purpose was.

I began hiking along the rail grade to the north. My priority was to hike the rail grade and not explore this most unexpected site. especially with night lurking around the corner only a few hours away. I noticed this bit of foundation off in the woods.

Then I find slightly north of the mysterious concrete skeletons a  concrete staircase. There was a house over here.

Retaining wall for said house.

I walked north to Harriman station and back down to the old mysterious area. I began finding more foundations south of my point of entry. This foundation is on the reservoir side of the old grade.

Another view looking more northward.

Another foundation on the hillside. That makes 4 foundations so far (including the house)

And yet another foundation further south. This was by far the biggest. I would estimate about 150 feet in length. This wall was right on the railgrade

Another view of the long building, this is the upper wall.

Some sort of concrete box, perhaps for a furnace? this is part of the long building.

More wall from the long building.

I hiked to Yankee atomic and back. I was determined to get pictures of the odd concrete structure.

Judging by the rebar I would say this building was probably never completed. Still eerie looking at 10+ feet of rebar standing on top of a 15 foot column in the woods.

Inside of the foundation

Another view. Lots of neat looking things here.

Some concrete beams bridging the columns.

Stonewall at the east extreme of the factory "village"

Natural waterfall.

Pipe near the man made waterfall


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