All pictures are taken facing southward unless otherwise noted. Ordered from northern most to southern most.

This portion of the old Railroad is very easy to access. It is all public domain, so no fear of trespassing.


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Map of area covered. From Readsboro center to Harriman station.





Here we start at the intersection of Rte 100 and Railroad Alley in Readsboro VT. This is as far north as I could trace the old railroad. This portion was removed sometime before the 1950s Picture facing north.

This picture shows where I believe the rails used to go. I believe that they went between the red, and off brown building.

This narrow Alley likely was the home to the old rails.

Heading towards the river.

Closer to the river, the road that cuts horizontally is Tunnel Road.

On Tunnel Road. You can see the abutments of the bridge in the distance. That bridge probably carried both road and rail, but I can't be positive on that.

East side abutments. I am unsure is the lower abutment is an abutment of an old bridge that was lower, or if it is part of the support. Abutments like this are not uncommon in this area.

A view of the West side abutments.

A view of the West side abutments from the east side.

Another smaller abutment on the west side. I am unsure what this was for, there is a twin on the east side but much less visible. Also in somebody's yard.

Town garage, the railroad cut through here and there was once a depot in this area. The rail ended here in the 1950s and perhaps before. I suspect the rail bridge was abandoned in 1955 when the road bridge was installed.

Another shot of the building.   

Behind the building, I believe the old railroad went through where this house is standing.

I suspect the rail was down here. It has been obscured by fill used to reroute the road along the old grade.

This section of grade is now Harriman Station road. The old Harriman station road is up the hill about 50 feet (to the left/east). That road was somewhat windier and higher, so it was probably easier just to have it follow the nice flat rail grade.

A retaining wall, It looks pretty old, so probably part of the old RR.

Turn & Cut.

Approaching the end of the RR turned automobile road.

Harriman Station road goes off to the left, The road to the wastewater treatment plant goes to the right. The rail grade is dead center.

The old auto road going up the hill. It is now blocked off to traffic.

Along the grade! The road is to the left. There was about 15 inches of snow here, so thankfully some snowmobile had driven here prior to me walking it.

A high built grade. There is a pipe underneath this for drainage.

D'oh the snowmobile tracks go to the left back to the road, but the rail grade goes straight!

A dig out & turn, with 15 inches of snow. Ugh, not fun... Must go on!

Straight away.

The rail grade crosses Harriman Station Road here. This was not always the case, the old road used to stay to the east of the rail grade here.

A very nice straight section of grade.

An old bridge. The old automobile road used to go under the railroad here and pass to the west. The section 2 pictures above where the road crosses the grade was put in to replace the bridge.

Picture of the bridge from Harriman Station Road. No wonder they took this part out! look how low the clearance is! not to mention the two 90 degree angles!

Nice section of grade after the bridge. The Harriman ventilation tower comes into view!

Nearing the power plant.

Culvert with some stone work.


Even closer!

Finally we reach Harriman Station (out of view to the right)

A small stone bridge very close to Harriman Station.


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