Welcome to This website strives to be the most robust source of Hoosac Tunnel information on the Internet. I have been collecting data and photographs, as well as going on adventures for the last 5 years. Now I am making my archive available to all.

        On this website you will find old pictures, new pictures, historical information, and maps! Use the content, especially the maps carefully and remember that the information placed here is on the web for informational and education purposes only! Trespassing on Guilford's property is illegal (don't get caught!), and potentially dangerous (the tunnel is train friendly not people friendly!). I will not hold information from anyone, and I will not discourage exploration! However I cannot be held responsible for any ill fate you may meet while quenching your appetite for adventure around or in the tunnel!

        If any of the readers find anything they feel to be inaccurate, contact me with some proof, or comments and I will try to make any changes. It is my goal to be as accurate as possible, but I know I can't always be right, and sometimes readers can know more about a specific topic than I can. If you would like to contribute any pictures send me an e-mail and we can work something out.

        For those unfamiliar, The Hoosac Tunnel is a railroad tunnel in the Northern Berkshire towns of Florida and North Adams owned by Guilford Transportation. It runs under the Hoosac range of mountains for a total length of 25,031 feet or 4.74 miles. It took a good 25 years to build and incurred several delays and out right stalls (and you thought the big dig was bad). It took 195 lives during construction, and has taken 30 or more since completion. For more information go to the history section.

        All that having been said, enjoy the site. Content is to the left of course.

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Home - This page!

East Portal & Vicinity - Pictures of East Portal past and present as well as the locality, the old Trail Station, trains, and the "false start".

West Portal & Vicinity - Pictures of the West Portal past & present as well as the Haupt Tunnel, brick kiln and the substation.

The Bore - Pictures describing how the tunnel was dug, and showing the machines and people that dug it. There are also diagrams of the tunnel, as well as a walk in excursion of the inside of the tunnel.

Central Shaft - Pictures of The Central Shaft past and present as well as spoilage piles.

Alignment Towers - Pictures of and directions to the 6 Alignment towers.

Compressor Building etc - Pictures of the Compressor Building near the East Portal from past and present as well as the sluiceway, and dam which diverted water into to the turbines.

West Shaft etc - Pictures of the West Shaft, buildings, and other shafts in the locality.

Housing - Pictures of workers houses and (someday) maps.

Maps - Topographic, historical, and 3D maps of various points of interest.

Vital Statistics - Dates, measurements and names.

History - History of the tunnel, as well as a timeline.

More Railroad - Some pictures from the T&GRR. Namely east of the portal.

HT&W RR - External site I am working on about the Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington RR

ETC - Various pictures of or relating to the tunnel that didn't fit anywhere else. Radio Frequencies and train acrynyms can be found here as well.

About us - Blurb about how this site came about.

Ghosts - Excerpt from Historic Haunted America about the ghosts of Hoosac.

Links - Links to other great Hoosac Tunnel resources

Guestbook - Where you should go once you are done reading this site!


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Last update on 2/06/06 -- I added a few new pictures to East Portal, West Portal, and central shaft.

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Trespassing is illegal and dangerous especially when inside the tunnel with a train! If you go inside and see a light run and hide! that is unless of course its the portal, then you don't have to run nor hide. Trains burn diesel fuel and produce among other things carbon monoxide and deafening amounts of noise! Trains also have people in them and people have eyes used for seeing things.. Like trespassers! Just be careful use your head and stay safe.